1920 Haynes Apperson

Haynes Apperson Speedster – entering the 1920’s in style.
Could you give me some more information on the 1920 Haynes Apperson Speedster? My brother is about to buy one. He is an antique collector and rebuilds cars.

Thanks for your note re Haynes & Apperson. One of the best references about the genesis of the American automobile is the “Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805 – 1942,” by Beverly Rae Kimes, C 1996. This reference is available at most good libraries.

The following are some notes from our book, “Indiana Cars: A History of the Automobile in Indiana,”

Elwood Haynes demonstrated his Haynes “Pioneer” automobile on July 4, 1894. This was one of the first gasoline automobiles built in America.

The Haynes-Apperson Company incorporated on May 24, 1898, and set out to dramatically increase production. The Apperson brothers parted company with Haynes in 1901 and founded Apperson Brothers Automobile company. They produced their first auto in 1902. Both of these entities continued production until 1924 and 1925 respectively.

Apperson produced speedsters in 1920 and 1921. Haynes produced a speedster in 1921.

Three museums in Kokomo, IN, have Haynes and Appersons in their collections. The Elwood Haynes Museum (765-456-7000) has the best collection of Haynes history and
items. Howard County Historical Museum (765-452-4314) traces the development of Haynes and Apperson. The City of Firsts Automotive Heritage Museum (765-454-9999) chronicles both makes.

Hope this helps.

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