93 Tips for Buying a Collectible Car

93 Tips For cover

If you already have your dream car or dream of owning one, 93 Tips for Buying a Collectible Car provides useful information for any auto admirer. The inside pages offer clear and concise advise on:

  • finding the right car for you
  • planning your finances in buying and owning your car
  • negotiating with the seller
  • participating in auto auctions
  • locating experts to help you with your purchase.

So, take a tour of our book to help you decide on the best route in buying your collectible car.
Sample of one of the tips you’ll find in your 93 Tips Paperback

Understanding your coverage
Three important aspects you need to understand regarding your insurance are the Agreed Upon Value, Stated Value, and Actual Cash Value policies.

  • An Agreed Upon Value policy means that you and the insurance company have an agreement on the value. It’s the amount listed on your policy. This policy places restrictions on your use and storage of the car. Appraisals are almost always required.
  • The Stated Value policy allows you to “state” a value for your vehicle greater than its depreciated “book” value (i.e., the price listed in Kelly’s Blue Book). You will, however, be subject to depreciation. You may not be required to get an appraisal.
  • The Actual Cash Value policy covers most cars used for everyday driving purposes. In the event of accident, you receive a depreciated “book” value. In other words, the claims adjuster determines the amount you’ll get.

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