A book on the 1913 Hoosier Tour

Our book Hoosier Tour: A 1913 Indiana to Pacific Journey documents the 1913 Indiana Automobile Manufacturers’ Association Indiana-Pacific Tour.

Hoosier Tour

We have known about the IAMA Tour for a number of years and decided to share this story of Hoosier ingenuity during its centennial year. This book examines how the 1913 IAMA Tour served as a model of promoting Indiana-built automobiles and generating interest for building roads, like the proposed Ocean-to-Ocean Rock Highway later to be known as the Lincoln Highway. This road was the impetus to the start of our federal highway system.

Previously all roads were developed and maintained by local governments. The first transcontinental highway, the Lincoln Highway, showed the federal government the opportunities brought by linking good roads from coast to coast. We were to arise from the mud onto paved roadways.

Today we can dash across interstates, from city to city, state to state. This modern-day convenience owes a great deal of thanks to the 1913 IAMA excursion.

We urge you to take a look at Hoosier Tour: A 1913 Indiana to Pacific Journey to see how these early Indiana auto pioneers promoted Indiana-built automobiles and generated interest for building a national network of paved highways.

For more information on Indiana auto pioneers follow this link.

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