Additional Car Culture Web Resources

From time to time I list additional “Car Culture Web Resources.” Recently, I found two more to share with you.

Hemmings Blog

If you enjoy the many Hemmings automotive publications, then you have to check out the Hemmings Blog. This site is a collection of various collectible car topics.

One post focused on Carlo Abarth and the cars he built using Fiat mechanical bits. One photograph shows Carlo with his Franco Scaglione-designed Bertone-bodied Fiat Abarth 750 that he drove to a number of records at Monza. He is receiving renewed interest now that Fiat is marketing a new Fiat 500 Abarth edition automobile.

Another Hemmings feature that I like is its vintage photos of street scenes across America. It is quite interesting to attempt to name the various cars in the photo. It’s a blast from the past.

The Hemmings Find of the Day highlights interesting autos from the Hemmings Classifieds. One that I liked was a 1960 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon. This one-owner original appeared as a time machine to another era. Its two-tone metallic blue paint with red and white interior and Corvette inspired dash beckoned to me.

The blog also announces interesting automotive items for auction across the country. Two recent items were Steve McQueen’s uniform from his movie “Le Mans” and the ambulance that transported John F. Kennedy’s remains from Parkland Hospital in Dallas to Love Field.

I enjoy checking the Hemmings blog frequently to see what’s new. I believe you will also.

The Old Motor

The Old Motor is billed as an informative and entertaining antique automobile photo magazine. It offers an interesting view of car culture around the world.

The Old Motor presents a different take on vintage street scene photos. One of Beverly’s Grill in Oklahoma City shows an excellent example of art deco architecture and vintage autos. I like how the site showcases features of the buildings and automobiles.

Another feature is vintage photograph collections. One that I have been following is the Fred Roe collection of Duesenberg items. A Duesenberg LeGrande dual cowl phaeton J-107 was quite stunning in its time.

Photos of early vintage races are also featured. One shows Barney Oldfield in the Ford 999 and Charles Wridgeway in his Pearless at the Empire City track in 1903. It is interesting to look at primitive mechanical arrangements of these early racers.

My previous “Car Culture Web Resource” offering was Top Car Culture Web Resources. I invite you to peruse Hemmings Blog and The Old Motor regularly to get your fix on all things automobilia.

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