Back Roads to Turkey Run

Early in automotive history, a road trip to the country was often the choice to cool off during hot summer days. Now we just turn up the air conditioning.

But the fact remains that the country offers five to 10 degrees of relief from the city heat. Today, for those wanting an outdoor escape, a road trip is still a popular option. You might even find another five degrees of cooler surroundings if you leave the car and trek into the canyons and crevices of Turkey Run State Park.

Richard Lieber Memorial
Richard Lieber Monument

Here the labyrinth of trails can lead you down through sandstone formations filled with old growth trees. Some trails cover streambeds making the walk uneven. Others offer moderately difficult passes into the shady hollows. The one trail marked as easy leads to the Lieber Memorial and Log Church. The Richard Lieber Monument is dedicated to the man considered the father of Indiana’s state parks. His vision helped Indiana become one of the first states to preserve large natural sections open to the public. The one-room log cabin was built in 1871 and still holds services on Sunday morning.

1871 Chapel
1871 Cabin

These and other natural and man-made attractions have lured Hoosiers to the park for 100 years. Turkey Run was the second state park established in 1916, after McCormick Creek State Park claimed the honor of first.

About one hour outside of Indianapolis, the fastest route is to take I-74 from the city. You will end up on back roads, however, which offer a pastoral panorama. Farmland mixed with the charm of small towns help ease the stress of big-city living. Eventually you’ll find the park entrance off County Road 47, near its intersection with State Road 41.

For anyone wanting to bring 21st century technology to the ride via your GPS, the park’s address is 8121 E. Park Road, Marshall IN 47859.

For more information on Indiana rides & drives follow this link.

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