Bison hunting on the back roads

Recently we went bison hunting. Armed only with our camera, we weren’t seeking the brown, burly type of bison—one actually living. This one was multi-colored and personalized with the flavor of Boone County in Indiana. This was a Bicentennial Bison created to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of the state.


At the time of statehood in 1816, about five million bison roamed through Indiana. To commemorate the one-time dominance of these massive animals, the Bison-tennial Art project was created. Artists, communities and sponsors around the state have obtained a white fiberglass bison, decorated it to reflect a specific theme and displayed the result.

Our quarry for the day was found at 1705 Indianapolis Avenue leading into Lebanon in front of a dentist’s office. Later we found another bison in residence in Crawfordsville’s library. A week later we encountered one in front of Central Library and another two on North Meridian Street in downtown Indianapolis.

People wanting to view a bison onsite should check out locations at or the hashtag #IndianaBisonArt .

We have found, however, that the bison move around. Plus, the one that we found in Lebanon had just been installed 10 minutes before we arrived. Any prospective hunters should do their research beforehand and be comfortable with stopping at a local library branch to ask about the elusive prey.

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