Carl G. Fisher’s thoughts on marketing electric automobiles in June 1909

Carl Fisher
Carl G. Fisher
Courtesy of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The following is a letter from Carl G. Fisher, president of the Fisher Automobile Company in Indianapolis, regarding his thoughts on marketing electric automobiles in June 18, 1909.

Heretofore, I have refrained from handling the Electric Automobile for the reason that I considered the manufacturers of this type of car had not made sufficient advance in construction.

1909 Baker Eelctric
1909 Baker Eelctric

After investigating the general situation carefully, I find the Baker Motor Vehicle Co. has adopted as their unit of action the purchase of the obtainable material regardless of cost and the employment of skilled workmen who with intelligent precision follow the lines of design laid down by their mechanical and electric engineers. Their ten years of experience in the manufacture of these electric carriages, together with constant development has produced a more perfect harmony of construction than can be found elsewhere.

Supplementing this the Baker motor is equipped with Imported Annular Ball Bearings, that eliminate mechanical friction to the minimum point. In every revolving part of every Baker Electric will be found anti-friction bearings, of the most approved type, expensive, as it relates to the cost to produce, but giving results that develop the wide difference in quality between this and other makes.

This nicety of construction and adjustment saves power to propel the car and the consumption of current from the batteries is less, consequently, the mileage is more, the speed is greater, and the life of the battery plates longer – hence the cost of maintenance is less and the result in service and satisfaction beyond anything before attained in an Electric Carriage.

I have proven beyond a question of doubt the superiority of the Baker Electric and do not hesitate to recommend it.

To a purchaser of the Baker Electric the Fisher Automobile Co. will garage the car for $25 per month; this includes a thorough inspection, charging, washing, cleaning, polishing, calling for and delivering once each per day. To those who prefer keeping their car at home, we will for one year give you two thorough inspections per month free.

A demonstration at your home does not obligate you in any way.

Very truly yours,
Carl G. Fisher

I find Carl Fisher’s comments interesting in evaluating cars for resale. This demonstrates his comprehensive thought process in whatever he was involved in. I value this letter from one of Indiana’s auto pioneers. I think you’ll enjoy it also.

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