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A couple of years ago I visited with my friend Richard Stanley at the Fayette County Historical Museum in Connersville. The museum is just east of downtown on the S.W. corner of E. 5th Street (SR44) and S. Vine Street (SR1).

1924 McFarland town car
1924 McFarland town car

Connersville had a presence in early twentieth century auto manufacturing with 10 models made there from 1905 to 1937. Some makes are familiar like Auburn and Cord. Others are more obscure with Ansted and Lexington. The museum’s collection contains a number of Connersville-built cars including: a 1913 Empire, 1921 and 1922 Lexingtons, and a 1924 McFarlan town car. Displays around the outer walls exhibited items from various Connersville industries like Stant Manufacturing and Roots, both of which are operational today. They also have the Penrose Trophy won by Lexington in the 1924 Pikes Peak hill climb.

Other vehicles in the collection are a McFarlan carriage, which is being restored, and a Rex Doctor’s buggy. Another room had exhibits documenting Connersville life in the nineteenth century.

You can visit the museum on Sundays and Thursdays from 1 to 5 p.m. or call for appointment.

As this illustrates, your local history museum is a great resource. If you have something in your collection that might be informative to others, by all means, contact a curator. Your donation may start someone else’s journey or research into the past.

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