Cruise-in Crosswords and Word Jumbles 2

Cruise IN Crosswords 2 cover

This is the sequel to Cruise-in Crosswords and Word Jumbles. Like the first one, each of the 54 word puzzles in the book focuses on an auto related theme. Test your knowledge as well as your puzzle solving skills. Several auto-related clues are given in each crossword puzzle, and the word jumbles are chock-full of car references.

Cruise-in Crosswords and Word Jumbles is a series of word puzzles for those enjoy both solving word puzzles and learning more about our automobiles.

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If you enjoy our puzzle book, check out other publications by AGG Press. Our goal is to inform and entertain the auto aficionado.

We started our journey with the publication of Cruise IN: A guide to Indiana’s automotive past and present. This publication led to other books and articles relating to the car culture, including Indiana Cars: A history of the automobile in Indiana and 93 Tips for Buying a Collectible Car

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