Empire christens new indianapolis motor speedway surface in 1909

Empire Christens New Indianapolis Motor Speedway Surface in 1909.

The first car to try out the new paved surface at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in December 1909 was the first Empire off the line of the Indianapolis plant. Major players in the development of the speedway — Carl G. Fisher, James A. Allison, and Arthur C. Newby — also had an interest in the Empire Motor Car Company.

Their primary interest was in developing Speedway, which diverted their attention from the Empire auto firm. After resurfacing the track, they concentrated their efforts on making the race track a paying proposition.

1914 Empire Five Passenger Touring Car

1914 Empire Five Passenger Touring Car

The 1911 Empire Model 20, reflected Harry C. Stutz’s influence as consulting engineer with the implementation of new features, including the transaxle. The original owners sold their interest in the company late in 1911 to another group of Indianapolis businessmen who renamed it Empire Automobile Company. This company decided to contract for all parts and final assembly of their Empire Automobile by two Connersville, Indiana firms.

In 1919, The Greenville Car Company of Greenville, Pennsylvania, bought the Empire name and designs and moved production out of state.

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