Indiana Automotive Presentations

Over the years I have developed a number of Indiana automotive presentations. My educational and entertaining presentations have been booked by auto museums, auto clubs, community groups, schools, retirement centers, and folks of all ages.

Dennis E. Horvath presenting

The goal of my presentations is to share the story of Indiana automobiles with future generations. Some of my most popular presentations are: Mileposts in Indiana automotive history, Val’s Story – Witness to early automotive innovation, Indiana-built Automobiles and the Evolution of Automotive Advertising, Louis J. Chevrolet’s “Never Give Up” . These programs demonstrate the qualities of ingenuity, exploration, and leadership of Indiana auto pioneers.

Mileposts in Indiana automotive history takes a look at how Indiana serves as a model for our automotive industry and heritage. Indiana once vied for Michigan’s title as the automotive titan of the United States. It was at a time when the names of automobiles like Duesenberg, Stutz and Cord brought worldwide acclaim to the Hoosier state. Indiana’s contributions to automotive history have been numerous. Tilt steering, cruise control and hydraulic brakes are just three examples of the innovations created by Indiana automotive pioneers. Yet the innovators themselves have become nearly forgotten–overlooked as we take their inventions increasing, for granted as part of the standard equipment on today’s models.

Val’s Story – Witness to early automotive innovation shares how road improvement and developments in the early auto industry contributed to our auto travel and vacation enjoyment. As Val, I look at a life representative of two of Indiana’s auto centers.

Indiana-built Automobiles and the Evolution of Automotive Advertising covers how Indiana-built automobiles serve as a model of the evolution of automotive marketing in America. The presentation covers the evolution of automotive print advertising, factory brochures, and letters as directed marketing in the first half of the twentieth century.

Louis J. Chevrolet’s “Never Give Up,” shares all of his years racing and developing race cars and passenger cars. He put his best effort forward and enjoyed much success. His legacy is nearly forgotten, but perhaps we should all live by his motto “Never Give Up.”

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Let’s share this heritage with all generations.

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