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Did you know that at one time Indianapolis had more automobile manufacturers than Detroit?

Indianapolis automotive pioneers contributed such innovations as:

  • pressure lubrication,
  • hydraulic brakes,
  • safety-glass windshields,
  • factory-installed radios,and
  • the extensive use of aluminum in engines.

Fortunately, Indianapolis still has over 30 manufacturing buildings and homes from this era to document this heritage. Indianapolis’ auto heritage is much more than auto racing.

Dennis E. Horvath is a “genuine car nut,” who enthusiastically shares his obsession for autos and touring. With a 20-year background sharing auto history, Dennis brings the story of Indianapolis’ automotive heritage to life.

Have Dennis travel along with your group and learn about the Indianapolis industrial leaders who had a significant impact on the American transportation experience. Find out about how Louis Chevrolet became the first builder to win two Indianapolis 500’s with cars built in Indianapolis. Hear about the Duesenberg brothers building their prestigious luxury cars and race cars on Washington Street. Learn about Carl G. Fisher, one of America’s forgotten promoters, starting as a bicyclist in the 1890’s and going on to promote auto racing and develop transcontinental highways and leisure destinations.

These unique stories allow you connect to our transportation heritage. It extends from our everyday car, to luxury cars, and modern highway systems. Indianapolis Auto Tours transport you back to the era when autos were more about the journey than the destination.


For anyone with even a passing interest in the auto industry, Indianapolis Auto Tours, conducted by Dennis Horvath, provides a fascinating look at how pervasive the industry once was in the city of Indianapolis. There are a surprising number of buildings still standing that help tell the story of the auto industry’s early days in Indy. Buildings that once housed legendary marques, such as Marmon, Stutz, Duesenberg, and numerous others still have a physical presence in the city, but many people unknowingly drive right past them every day. Dennis relates fascinating stories about not only the companies, but also the leading industry personalities who once occupied those buildings whose success in the formative years of the auto industry ensured their rightful place in history.

Ted Woerner,
Co-Owner, Miles Ahead

Dennis Horvath’s auto pioneer tour showcases the rich history that remains in Indianapolis. The tour highlights the significant impact Indiana industrial leaders had on the American transportation experience. It was a fun and interesting tour that we would repeat with friends and colleagues. It made me proud to be a Hoosier!

Jan Shupert-Arick,
Past President, Indiana Lincoln Highway Association

I just wanted to say thank you for putting together the recent tours of the history of the automobile industry in Indianapolis. Your organization, research, and commentary brought the people, buildings, and stories to life. I hope you might consider doing this for other groups, Dennis.

Jeff Blair, Treasurer,
Indiana Lincoln Highway Association

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