Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum showcases Indiana Automobiles

Indiana Automobiles: Precision over Production

As you know, my mission is “Celebrating Indiana Car Culture.” I am happy to announce that in honor of Indiana’s Bicentennial Celebration, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is presenting a one-of-a-kind exhibition titled “Indiana Automobiles: Precision over Production,” starting on December 6, 2016 thru March 26, 2017

The exhibit is a celebration of legendary Hoosier-built automobiles, such as Cole, Duesenberg, Marmon, Premier, Studebaker and Stutz. More than 35 historic, Indiana-built passenger cars will be on exhibit, some of which will be making their first appearance on display.

1911 Cole Torpedo Roadster
1911 Cole Torpedo Roadster

In addition to the Hoosier-built passenger cars, a few of the most famous Indiana-built race cars will be shown, including IMS co-founder Carl Fisher’s 1905 Premier and the legendary Marmon Wasp that carried Ray Harroun to victory in the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911.

“This exhibit is intended to focus on Indiana’s early, widespread automotive industry, which spurred the development of acres of farmland into the world’s largest sporting facility. Lessons learned at ‘The Greatest Race Course in the World’ made their way into these outstanding passenger cars, which enhanced performance and safety,” said Betsy Smith, executive director of the non-profit Indianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation that operates the museum located on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway grounds.

I invite you to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum to sample “Celebrating Indiana Car Culture.”

For more information on Indiana cars & companies, follow this link.

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