Indiana’s Innovative Automotive Designs

I would like to share my presentation about the development of some of “Indiana’s Innovative Automotive Designs” from 1928 to 1962 with your organization. In the first-half of the Twentieth Century, some of America’s most sought after automobiles were produced in Indiana. I believe it is style and beauty that draws us to a particular automobile. My presentation Indiana’s Innovative Automotive Designs tells this story through styling.

  1. Who were some of Indiana’s Innovators?
  2. What were some of Indiana’s innovative designs?
  3. How were they embraced on their introduction?
  4. How are they regarded today?
Duesenberg Twenty Grand
Duesenberg Twenty Grand

The story begins by describing the process of custom ordering a coachbuilt Model J Duesenberg in the late 1920’s and development of the Duesenberg Arlington Torpedo Sedan better-known as the “Twenty Grand” Duesenberg. Legendary stylist Gordon M. Buehrig designed this car for the Duesenberg exhibit at the Chicago World’s Fair known as the Century of Progress International Exposition in 1933.

Cord Sedan
Cord Model 810

In July 1935, Buehrig began development of the Cord Model 810 for introduction at the New York Auto Show in November 1935. The Cord Model 810 stopped the show. People stood on surrounding cars just to get a glimpse of Cord’s exciting new design. In 1951, Arthur Drexler, Curator of Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art, commented in a letter to Gordon Buehrig: “We all regard the Cord Model 810 as the outstanding American contribution to automobile design. The originality of the conception and the skill with which its several parts have been realized makes it one of the most powerful designs in the exhibition, and it has, of course, drawn much interest and favorable comment.”

Avanti at Palm Springs
Avanti at Palm Springs

Raymond Loewy met with Studebaker president Sherwood Egbert to discuss Egbert’s ideas about a radical new car to revive the company in March 1961. In less than 40 days, the Avanti full-scale clay styling model received a “standing ovation” from the board of directors and production was granted. The Avanti was simultaneously introduced at the New York International Automobile Show and at the South Bend shareholders meeting and press preview on April 26, 1962. Thus, the Avanti became the first of the new breed of “personal luxury” cars that would soon revolutionize the industry.

These innovative automotive designs demonstrate part of Indiana’s contributions to America’s production cars. They are highly regarded by automotive enthusiasts around the world today.

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