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Pertinent facts about Dennis E. Horvath

  • An auto buff for over 30 years who has studied automotive history and collected related memorabilia.
  • Author of Cruise IN: A guide to Indiana’s automotive past and present.
  • Author of Indiana Cars: A History of the Automobile in Indiana.
  • Author of Hoosier Tour: A 1913 Indiana to Pacific Journey.
  • A freelancer with articles in The Indianapolis Star and Old Cars Weekly
  • The Web publisher of Celebrating Indiana Car Culture, which inspires automotive enthusiasts and which won an International Automotive Media Award — Silver Medallion for Excellence in 1999.
  • A guest presenter at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum’s The Automobile: Moving Our Lives series in 1999, the Classic Car Club of America Annual Meeting at Indianapolis in 2000, the Third Biennial Automotive History Conference at Los Angeles in 2000, the Society for Commercial Archeology Annual Conference at Indianapolis in 2001, the Fourth Biennial Automotive History Conference at Auburn, Indiana in 2002, the Lincoln Highway Association Conference at Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2003, and the Sixth Biennial Automotive History Conference at South Bend, Indiana in 2006.
  • A prize-winning photographer specializing in auto-related images.

Pertinent facts about Terri Horvath

  • The author of Spread the Word: How to promote nonprofit groups with a network of speakers and Fund-raising Success: Case studies, ideas and tips for 50+ fund-raising events
  • A writer who has written over 1,000 articles on a wide range of subjects and promotional material for several publications and organizations
  • A publication manager who handles projects for central Indiana organizations
  • A contract writer who handles assignments for publications and companies
  • A prize-winning photographer who has used her photographs to accompany her magazine and newsletter articles and brochures

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