Mileposts in Indiana automotive history

This presentation takes a look at how Indiana serves as a model for our automotive industry and heritage.

1907 American Underslung

Indiana once vied for Michigan’s title as the automotive titan of the United States. It was at a time when the names of automobiles like Duesenberg, Stutz and Cord brought worldwide acclaim to the Hoosier state. Indiana’s contributions to automotive history have been numerous. Tilt steering, cruise control and hydraulic brakes are just three examples of the innovations created by Indiana automotive pioneers. Yet the innovators themselves have become nearly forgotten–overlooked as we take their inventions increasing for granted as part of the standard equipment on today’s models.

1912 Stutz Model A

Today our automotive heritage is more than just memories–it is honored in the museums, historical markers and events along Indiana’s highways. Other mileposts are recorded in the annals of more than 40 Indiana communities that have either had automobiles manufactured or assembled in their borders. More than 400 automobiles, trucks, and cycle cars can claim Indiana production or assemblage.

Raymond Loewy with 1953 Studebaker

It is the intent of this presentation to celebrate Indiana’s automotive heritage.

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