People over Profit

People over Profit

Today’s marketplace is becoming more socially aware that people matter over profit. It’s an attitude that works says Dale Partridge, co-founder of Sevenly he demonstrates that the “People over Profit” business model is profitable.

After studying the business cycles of numerous organizations and business leaders, he discovered seven core beliefs for a socially conscious business model.

  • People Matter: How you make team members, customers, and vendors feel about themselves says a lot about you.
  • Trust Wins: Trust is about telling the complete truth, telling it quickly, telling it clearly, and sharing truth with contributors.
  • Transparency Frees: Sharing transparency in a social media conscious world frees you to do business openly.
  • Authenticity Attracts: Discover your organizations unique identity and project it in the marketplace.
  • Quality Speaks: Physical, experiential, visual, and personal qualities set you and your product apart.
  • Generosity Returns: Generosity is selfless, built-in, holistic, and a belief that keeps on giving.
  • Courage Sustains: It takes courage to project these beliefs in the marketplace and overcome fear.

Partridge encourages us to “Live Good,” “Launch Good,” and “Lead Good” to create a powerful organization in today’s socially conscious world.

People over Profit has a powerful message for those just entering the business world as well as long-established enterprises. Partridge walks you through the process of establishing a socially conscious business for today’s marketplace.

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