Many pioneers have contributed to making the mark in Indiana automotive history.

Indiana auto pioneers developed a number of innovations that we now consider standard equipment. Yet the innovators themselves have become nearly forgotten.

This section takes a look at some of the individuals who made their mark in Indiana automotive history. Some are well known as prime movers, but others are more obscure working as problem solvers. Each story serves as an example of their contribution to our automotive heritage.

I invite you to peruse these stories looking at the people that led the way on Indiana’s automotive landscape.

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Gordon M. Buehrig-Extraordinary automotive designer

Louis Chevrolet-Racer-designer-builder

Errett Loban Cord-One of Indiana’s premier automotive executives

Clessie L. Cummins-Father of the American truck diesel

Frederick S. Duesenberg – Father of one the finest American production cars ever made

Carl Fisher–The Hoosier Barnum

Elwood Haynes – Builder of one America’s first automobiles

Raymond Loewy – One of the founders of industrial design

Howard C. Marmon – Early Indiana automotive innovator

Louis Schwitzer–Winner of the first race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909

Harry Stutz–Builder of The Car That Made Good in a Day

Ralph Teetor–Inventor of Cruise Control


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