Dennis E. Horvath

Dennis E. Horvath is a “genuine car nut” who has created a number of presentations that share the unique story of Indiana’s automotive history. Movie Stars and kings once clamored for specific models made only in Indiana. The state was also home to several automotive innovations such as tilt steering, cruise control, front-wheel drive. Dennis brings the story of automotive manufacturing and car culture in Indiana to life.

Indiana’s Innovative Automotive Designs Lecture/PowerPoint 30 minutes
Lincoln Highway, the Nation’s First Transcontinental Highway Lecture/PowerPoint 40 to 50 minutes
Mileposts in Indiana Automotive History Lecture/PowerPoint 30 minutes
Indiana-built Automobiles and the Evolution of Automotive Advertising Lecture/PowerPoint 30 minutes
Louis J. Chevrolet “Never Give Up” Lecture/PowerPoint 30 minutes
Women in Auto Advertising Lecture/PowerPoint 30 minutes
Val’s Story: A Look at the Early Days of the Automobile in Indiana First Person presentation 30 minutes

“Indiana’s Innovative Automotive Designs” demonstrates the development of three Indiana-built automobiles from 1928 to 1962. I believe it is style and beauty that draws us to a particular automobile. In the first-half of the Twentieth Century, some of America’s most sought after automobiles were produced in Indiana. Visit the Indiana’s Innovative Automotive Designs page

Lincoln Highway, the Nation’s First Transcontinental Highway looks at how the Lincoln Highway served as a model of the evolution of the highway system in America. It covers the evolution of travel from rural roads to improved federal highways in the early part of the twentieth century. Visit the Lincoln Highway page

Mileposts in Indiana Automotive History takes a look at how Indiana serves as a model for our automotive industry and heritage. It was at a time when the names of automobiles like Duesenberg, Stutz and Cord brought worldwide acclaim to the Hoosier state. Visit the Mileposts in Indiana page

Indiana-built Automobiles and the Evolution of Automotive Advertising covers the evolution of automotive print advertising, factory brochures, and letters as directed marketing in the first half of the twentieth century. Visit the Changing Face of Automotive Marketing page

Louis J. Chevrolet’s motto was Never Give Up. In his days as a race car driver and talented mechanic he never did. Visit Louis J. Chevrolet’s “Never Give Up” page

Women in Auto Advertising covers the development of auto advertising to include women. Starting in 1903 a number of manufacturers highlighted women and cars through print advertising and factory brochures. Visit the Women in Auto Advertising page

Val’s Story: Witness to early automotive innovation is a first-person account of the early days of the automobile. Come along as tool maker Val Horvath shares his story of working at early auto and engine manufacturers and hob-knobbing at the Indianapolis 500. Visit the Val’s Story page

Indianapolis Auto Tour of the actual sites representing Indianapolis’ innovative role in our automotive heritage. This actual auto tour of Indianapolis brings history to life, by seeing and visiting automotive sites. More information on Indianapolis Auto Tours

Dennis has been an avid collector of automobile facts and memorabilia for more than 30 years. He is a recognized speaker on automotive topics to groups like the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, the Studebaker National Museum, the Lincoln Highway Association, Purdue Road School, Wabash College, and the Biennial Automotive History Conference.

Dennis is the lead author of Indiana Cars: A History of the Automobile in Indiana published in the fall of 2002. The book is dedicated to sharing a look at Indiana’s auto history and the state’s present contributions to the automotive industry. His latest book Hoosier Tour: A 1913 Indiana to Pacific Journey published in the fall of 2013. Hoosier Tour examines how the 1913 Indiana Automobile Manufacturers’ Association Indiana-Pacific Tour helped generate interest for building roads, like the proposed Ocean-to-Ocean Rock Highway later to be known as the Lincoln Highway.


I understand that you are considering Dennis Horvath as a presenter during the Dream Cars program. Dennis is, to my knowledge, the foremost authority on the heritage of Indiana’s automobile industry. His book “Indiana Cars” is a must-read for all interested in the topic. His knowledge and conveyance of that knowledge is balanced. It’s general enough for the less initiated and detailed enough for the scholars.

Dennis has been a great colleague in promoting the knowledge of Indiana’s automotive heritage and he is a champion of preserving it. He will be a worthy addition to your program.

Marsh Davis
Indiana Landmarks

I wanted to reach out to you and offer my recommendation of Dennis Horvath as a presenter. I found Dennis by happenstance when I was researching Indiana Automotive history. After contacting him, I knew right away that I had to get him involved in our 2014 Concours d’Elegance at French Lick. I actually ended up creating additional programming just so I could utilize Dennis’ wealth of knowledge.

We created Indiana Automotive Heritage Day and Dennis was the centerpiece. We had a packed room of over 100 people for the afternoon sessions and Dennis did not disappoint. He is extremely knowledgeable and is a fascinating speaker. I received lots of great feedback from the attendees. All were equally complimentary of Dennis and his portion of the program.

Dyan Duncan
PR Manager
French Lick Resort

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