Raymond Loewy – One of the founders of industrial design

<center><strong>Raymond Loewy
Raymond Loewy
Photo Courtesy – Studebaker National Museum

Many recognize Raymond Loewy as one of the founding fathers of industrial design as a basic element in the development and marketing of consumer products.

Loewy had always enjoyed drawing automobiles, and in 1932 he restyled the Hupmobile line. His most popular automotive design consultancy was with Studebaker, where his firm designed the 1939 Champion, 1947 Starlight Coupe, 1950 Champion, 1953 Starliner Coupe, and the 1963 Avanti.

Loewy and his company had a hand in designing everything from refrigerators and streamlined railroad locomotives to Coca-Cola’s classic bottle.

I recommend the following book on Loewy Never Leave Well Enough Alone, by Raymond Loewy ISBN 0801872111 for more information.

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