Studebaker Styling Innovation

For the second time since World War II, the Studebaker Corporation offered styling innovation for 1953. Leading this line-up was the Raymond Loewy designed Commander Starliner hardtop coupe. This design garnered the corporation many accolades.

Loewy with 53 Studebaker
Raymond Lowey with 1953 Studebaker
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Loewy’s European influenced design made use of horizontal lines to achieve new contours. One concave feature flowed back from the edge of the headlight along the side to a back angle rake near the edge of the door. The low, sweeping lines of the hood and trunk and the fin-type rear fenders added to the unusually low silhouette of the car. The five-passenger coupe was believed to be lower in overall height than any other American-built automobile.

Two low-profile grille openings located above the bumper extended the full width of the car. Each of the grilles has a horizontal bar with parking and directional signal lights at the outside end. Other styling features included push-button door handles, one-piece curved windshields, and one-piece, wrap-around rear windows.

53 Studebaker dash
1953 Studebaker dash
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This styling influence extended to the interior. The Studebaker’s hooded instrument dials and recessed toggle switches set a new trend in instrument panel design. Lighting was designed to give adequate visibility without disturbing glare. The angle of the steering wheel was situated to give a sport car feel.

The front bench seat was an offset design with the driver’s section somewhat narrower than the passenger section. This resulted in a larger entryway into the rear seat for passengers entering from the right-hand side of the car and greater comfort for the middle passenger when three are riding in front. The rear seat area featured two seats divided in the middle with a fold-out arm rest.

At the end of 1953 model year production, coupes accounted for 80 percent of production. Vestiges of this coupe’s styling stayed in the Studebaker production in various offerings through the 1964 model year. This low-slung compact design was also popular for adaptation into streamline land-speed racer designs.

1957 Studebaker Hawk
1957 Studebaker Hawk
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This Studebaker styling innovation still looks timeless today. The 1953 Commander Starliner hardtop coupe was one of five designs that Lowey’s design consultancy produced for Studebaker from 1939 through 1963.

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