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2015 AACA National Special Meet Auburn Indiana

For the third year the Antique Automobile Club of America held its Special Meet in Auburn Indiana. This meet featured the traditional AACA collector car show with over 200 cars, swap meet, car corral, plus the Auctions America auction featuring more than 500 collector cars and memorabilia.

Pardon my partiality, but I believe Auburn, IN, is the best place for a collector car event. I have been attending auto events there since the mid-1970’s.

11904 Cadillac Runabout
1904 Cadillac Runabout

This year’s special meet displayed show cars from the early 1900’s the late 1980’s.I especially enjoyed the cars from the early 1900’s. A 1904 Cadillac runabout provided a glimpse of motoring over 110 years ago. You could step back and imagine sitting in this brass beauty with the wind in your face and bouncing over the crude roads of the day. A 1907 Ford Model N roaster and a 1910 Buick Model 20 were other cars from this era.

1928 Auburn Speedster
1928 Auburn Speedster

Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg, Haynes, Marmon, Studebaker, and Stutz represented Indiana-built cars. One particularly flashy Indiana-built car was a 1928 Auburn boat-tail speedster. This breath-taking black and red beauty attracted attention all day. A number of Studebaker Golden Hawks showed the other end of these makes.

The auction provided a great sampling of cars from reasonably priced drivers to fully turned-out exotic cars.

Everywhere you turned there was another example of cars from our early days of motoring. It is interesting how our tastes in autos change over the years. Whether you’re interested in perusing or purchasing a collector car the AACA Special Meet in Auburn, Indiana is the meet to attend.