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1912 American Scout one of America’s first sport cars

This article is from the 1912 American Underslung brochure and is about the American Scout, one of America’s first sport cars.

1912 American Scout

“The “American Scout” fills a long-felt want. There are men and women in the world who, while to them the cost of a chauffeur’s hire is of no concern, want a little car to drive themselves. But they want it good throughout. Their dignity and pride forbid their being satisfied with the ordinary type of “Runabout” and they, therefore, want a real “Roadster” – small, yet bearing all the earmarks of class and style – and in which the true mechanic’s art is clearly stamped. The “American Scout” is expressly intended to serve and please this particular class, and it will.”

“The “American Scout” is strictly a two-passenger car. Price $1,250, wheelbase 102 inches, tires 36 x 3½ inches front and rear on demountable rims. Regular equipment includes: underslung frame giving low center of gravity, top and top boot, five gas lamps with Prest-O-Lite tank, Bosch high-tension magneto, combination circular luggage box and tire holder, jack, tools, tire repair outfit, and horn. Weight with standard equipment about 2400 pounds.”

With the photograph and description, the American Scout sounds like a sports car of that early era.

Can you imagine driving on a twisting road in the early 1910’s in this flashy, low-slung Indianapolis-built car? Today, whenever I see one of these American Scouts at a car show, I marvel at its low-slung design and exciting styling and visualize it blasting down the road.

The American Underslung is one the fine Indianapolis-built cars of the era.

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