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Automotive Literature Vendors

I frequently get requests from persons wanting to sell automotive literature. They usually want to know if there is any market for something they found in a relative’s collection. This article is my attempt to assist with disposing of or acquiring automotive literature.

Fisher Letterhead
Fisher Automobile Company Letterhead
Copyright ©1909 Carl G. Fisher
The automotive literature dealer I am most familiar with is PJ’s Autolit. I have purchased and sold many items with Paul Strohbehn over the years at swap meets. I find him to be a great resource for advertisements, dealer literature, and color chip charts.

Paul lists the most popular makes on his Web site. If you have a specific request like a Studebaker or Stutz ad, you can e-mail him your request and receive a reply shortly.

Another dealer I know of is Walter Miller’s Automobile Literature. When he started in 1974, there were about six automotive literature dealers across the country. He has an incredible collection, including advertisements, dealer literature, postcards, drawings, posters, and billboards.

Today, with over 2 million items in stock, his operation fills orders from around the world.

A third vendor is McLellan’s Automotive History. Robert McLellan started selling automotive literature in the 1960’s. He has over 150,000 items available, including sales literature, dealer literature, photographs, owner’s manuals, service manuals, technical books, and racing and auto show catalogs.

His inventory is updated daily, and he claims to have on-line photographs for all items.

I hope this helps you find or dispose of that automotive literature in your garage.

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