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Indianapolis-built Waverley Electrics

1911 Waverley Electric
1911 Waverley Electric

Electric automobiles are not new inventions. For instance, Indianapolis-built Waverley Electrics were built from 1898 to 1916. Here are some comments from their 1911 catalog.

Among the inventions of recent years, the place of the electric automobile is unquestionably in the vein of progress. Whatever convenience or popularity attaches temporarily to the expansive force of steam of the explosive energy of gasoline, every thinking person is convinced that the motive power of the future is the silent, subtle, irresistible turning power of the electric motor. The force is everywhere and in everything, requiring only to be harnessed, set in motion and properly directed to do the work of the world.

It is equally certain that the place of the electric automobile is in the first rank of society. In the twentieth century America, the phrase “Electric carriage company” is beginning to take a similar place as denoting the special class of citizens who appreciate and observe good form in carriages well as in clothes, in dwellings, in manners and in everything else.

Again, the place of the Electric is in the center of family life. It is a carriage of ready service and equal convenience for every member of the family, for the office, the church, the theater, the neighborhood call, the shopping excursion, the drive on the boulevard, the trip to the park, or the country club. It dispenses with chauffer or driver, presents no mechanical difficulties and causes no trouble. Even the children may operate it with safety.

The place of the Waverley Electric is all of this and more. It is the place of leadership, of constant advance along its own individual lines, of steady progress in all those minor details that make for perfection. It is the place of rank and influence, the place of recognized superiority in point of excellence, in beauty and fitness of design, in mechanical efficiency and durability. The ownership of a Waverley suggests no invidious (causing envy) comparison, invites no criticisms. It is the accepted standard of its class. The purchaser of a Waverley is never called upon to explain or apologize for his choice.

Different models of Waverley’s have special points of convenience and excellence. All are alike in the essentials of Waverley efficiency, workmanship, and style.

Some of these points may be valid today. That’s how electric vehicles were marketed over 100 years ago.