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Kokomo Salutes Indiana’s Automotive Heritage 1894-1964

Kokomo Salutes Indiana's Automotive Heritage 1984-1964

The folks at the Kokomo Automotive Museum have put together an outstanding Indiana Bicentennial celebration titled “Kokomo Salutes Indiana’s Automotive Heritage 1894-1964.” This series of events take place September 5-11, 2016, and provide numerous ways to experience our automotive heritage.

Driving Tours

Endorsed by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission, the “Hoosier Heritage Bicentennial Driving Tour” travels Indiana on September 5-8 from South Bend to the Ohio River, Richmond to Terre Haute, and everywhere in between. Join the pre-1966 cars on one of two statewide driving tours. Explore historical and automotive sites and enjoy a variety of great Hoosier cuisine. All driving tours will depart from the Kokomo Automotive Museum. Registration is required.
Or just explore Kokomo on September 5-8, and get to know the “City of Firsts” like never before. Stops include the Elwood Haynes Museum and Howard County Historical Society.

Car Shows

The public is invited to view rare and beautiful cars on September 10, from 11am to 3pm to experience Kokomo’s automotive heritage firsthand in Highland Park at these events: “Indiana Grand Classic” Enjoy 50 Full Classic automobiles from the Classic Era, 1915 -1948. “Haynes-Apperson Reunion” See up to 50 Kokomo-built cars return home to the “City of Firsts.” “Grand Stutz” national meet celebrates the “Car that made good in a day”. “Mighty Marmon Muster” experience the “Luxury, Speed, and Technology” of Marmon motor cars.

Grand Indiana Bicentennial Motor Muster

Don’t miss the capstone event on September 11, 2016, in Jackson Morrow Park, featuring rare Indiana-built cars from Auburn to Zimmerman and special interest cars through 1966 in a beautiful park setting. Free admission.
I encourage everyone interested in Indiana’s car culture to set aside these dates to experience Indiana autos at this event endorsed by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission.

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