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Automotive Advertising Slogans

One of the things I like about collecting automobilia is finding automotive advertising slogans. Here are some examples from Indiana-built automobiles.

1912 American Underslung ad
1912 American Underslung ad

Apperson 8 “The Eight with Eighty Less Parts”
American Simplex (later) Amplex “The valveless two-cycle car” and “The car that has no valves.”
American Underslung “A Car for Discriminating Buyers.”
Black Motor Buggy “Get There!”
Clark “A Car for Many Seasons”
Cole “There’s a touch of tomorrow in all that Cole does today.”
Duesenberg “The world’s finest motor car.”
Elcar “A well built car, tuned to the times.”
Elgin “Built like a watch” and “The car of the hour.”
Empire “The Little Aristocrat”
Haynes “The Birth of New Ideas”

1912 Inter-State ad
1912 Inter-State ad

Inter-State “The Automobile for Women”
International Scout “Wouldn’t you rather play hooky today…?”
LaFayette “You Have Always Known There Would Be Such a Car”
Lambert “Lambert, the father of friction drive.”
Lexington “Built to Stay Young”
Marion “Built to run and last for years.”
Marmon “The mechanical masterpiece” and “The Easiest Riding Car in the World.”
National Electric “Easy to Handle”

International Scout ad
International Scout ad

Overland “The Rig You Have Been Looking For”
Pathfinder “King of Twelves”
Pilot “The Car Ahead”
Pope-Waverley “The Always Ready Automobile”
ReVere “America’s Incomparable Car”
Sears Motor Buggy “A child could run it.”
Star “Low cost transportation.”
Studebaker “Vehicle makers for the world.” and “First by far with a postwar car”
Tincher “Guaranteed for three years.”
Union “In Union there is strength.”
Waverley Electric “No Dirt, No Odor, No Grease, No Bother.”

I believe some of these are rather clever, but I don’t know if some of the others would ever prompt me to take a look at their car. Do contemporary automakers do any better? What do you think?

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