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Hassler Shock Absorbers a popular Ford Model T accessory

Hassler Shocks

Hassler Shock Absorbers, made in Indianapolis, were a popular Ford Model T accessory in the late 1910’s and 1920’s.

Hassler Shocks were made from lightweight springs and were sold through Ford dealers. The dealer paid $14 for a set of four for a touring car, roaster, commercial car, or sedan, and $23 for the one-ton truck rear axle. There was an additional charge of $23 for the truck front shocks, which included a special front nine-leaf spring set and radius rod supports.

For sales, direct to the customer’s auto, the cost of Hassler shocks was $27.50 for a set of four plus a $2.50 installation charge. A customer’s one-ton truck could be completely equipped front and rear for $45 including installation.

By 1920, Robert H. Hassler, Inc., claimed that more than one million sets of its shock absorbers had already been sold. It periodically published testimonials to the value of its shocks in the company publication, Hassler Hits. Here are two examples.

“I have used Hasslers for six years. If I had my choice of a Ford without Hasslers, or Hasslers without a Ford, I’d take the latter,” said A. D. Carpenter of Indianapolis.

“When my driver came in from his first trip with Hassler Shock Absorbers attached to the truck, he was all smiles, and exclaimed, ‘That Ford surely does ride like a Packard.’ The protection of the truck, the savings alone of breakable merchandise will more than offset their cost. Regretting that I did not have Hassler Shock Absorbers put on sooner, I am Respectfully yours, R. M. Mueller, Grocer, Indianapolis.”

The story of Hassler Shock Absorbers, made at 1375 Naomi Street, in Indianapolis, adds another detail to Indiana’s reputation as a leader in the early automotive industry.

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