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Road trip to Millville’s Wright Museum

A kind of peacefulness surrounds the Wilbur Wright Birthplace and Museum that can only be found on a country back road near Millville, Indiana. The vista of farmland acres prepares the visitors for a relaxed tour of the lifestyle of the first family of flight.

The museum is built around the reconstructed house in which Wilbur Wright, who is credited with the first successful airplane along with younger brother Orville, was born in 1867. Here we see the family home complete with furniture representing the era. A tiny crib in the main bedroom may have been similar to the one that Wilbur used. Upstairs is the room used by his older siblings. Wilbur was the third of seven children.

Wright Flyer

Accompanying the house are interpretative displays in other buildings that outline the Wrights’ history along with the evolution of aviation. Perhaps the most impressive museum offering is the full-scale flyable replica of the Wright Brothers’ original airplane flown in 1903. Next door is a view of the interior of the cabin used by Wilbur and Orville at their test site in Kitty Hawk, N.C.

Wright jet

Their legacy for future generations is also acknowledged in displayed material. Particularly noticeable is the jet parked prominently in front of the museum. The aircraft is part of a memorial dedicated to Hoosier Milo Burcham, who was at one time the holder of the world upside down stunt record. The memorial not only honors Burcham, but serves as a reminder of aviation’s debt of gratitude to the intrepidness and persistence of the Wright Brothers.

Visitors wanting a glimpse of the era that surrounded the flying duo can also take a relaxed drive through the country. The museum is on the west side of Henry County Road 750 E., about three miles north of State Road 38 and three miles south of U.S. Hwy. 36. The trek involves a few twists, so be prepared.

For more information on the Wilbur Wright Birthplace and Museum, visit thewww.wwbirthplace.com.

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