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A few weeks ago I posted an article about our visit to Turkey Run State Park. Today I’d like to share an article in the Scarborough’s 1916 Official Tour Book, about Indiana’s Beauty Spot – the Shades. This article was written before Indiana’s State Parks were established in late 1916.

Shades State Park Copyright Indiana State Parks
Shades State Park Copyright Indiana State Parks

California has her Yosemite Valley, Wyoming has her Yellowstone Park, New York her Watkins Glenn, and each is worthy of a visit. But the Central States tourist need not go to distant states to view the beauties of nature. Right at his door, here in Central Indiana, is The Shades, one of the most wonderful works of nature to be found in America.

Possibly not on such a stupendous scale as some other well-known resorts has nature worked, but there will be found in a smaller way the Bridal Falls of Yosemite, the deep-cut gorges of Watkins Glen, the cliffs and heights of Yellowstone; and then such cool enchanting, rippling streams, such wooded, rocky, deep ravines; such enticing swimming holes; such dark and quiet shady nooks, under big-leafed oaks and maples, and such grassy banks by the side of great white, bending sycamores, as can be found in no other place where primeval growths are yet preserved.
Nature at The Shades is not “overgrown,” but here the misunderstanding mind of man can realize and comprehend some of her caprices and beauties.

The Shades is the ideal vacation ground. Nowhere in Indiana, nowhere even in the Central States; aye, nowhere in America, can one spend a day or a week more pleasantly or more restfully, without great hotel bills or charges for guides, and return to his daily work more refreshed and re-created.

Today – 2016, Shades State Park is that peaceful place you’ve been looking for. It is located about 17 miles southwest of Crawfordsville off S.R. 47 at 7751 S 890 W, Waveland, IN 47989, (765) 435-2810. This nature preserve offers spectacular topography for those willing to take a hike. Amenities include: hiking trails, picnic shelters, swimming beaches, nature programs, fishing spots, and seasonal camping facilities. For more information about Shades State Park click this link. In the event of heavy snow or ice, the property management may delay opening the gate to accommodate for snow removal efforts. Contact the property if you have further questions.

Check out Shades State Park for a new adventure.

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