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Many of you have asked, what are you doing this spring? I would like to say Wahoo! I finally completed renovating my website Cruise-IN.com.

As most of you know, I am a “Genuine Car Nut.” It was about time that I renovated my website.

I started my Cruise-IN.com site in 1997 to share the continuing story of Indiana automotive history. This story started in the early 1890’s and continues today. I continually find new information about vehicles built in Indiana. Once, I was notified about the Mutual Trucks built in Sullivan, IN. I enjoy sharing these stories, and I will post any information I receive on Cruise-IN.com.

I invite you to check out the various sections to find out more about the auto pioneers, cars, companies, our Indiana-built list, and the mileposts in Indiana automotive history. The Resource sections offer book reviews, backroads trips, museums, exhibits and events for your discovery. Other sections link to our book Indiana Cars: A History of the Automobile in Indiana, Indianapolis Auto Tours, Presentations, Bookstore, and Heritage.

In our Bookstore you’ll find works by my wife Terri and I.

My passion for learning and sharing Indiana automotive history arose from my upbringing in Indiana and involvement with autos in the early 1960’s. I am the co-author of three books Cruise IN: A guide to Indiana’s automotive past and present, Indiana Cars: A History of the Automobile in Indiana, and Hoosier Tour: A 1913 Indiana to Pacific Journey. As many or know, I am also is the Web publisher of the companion site Cruise-IN.com: Celebrating Indiana Car Culture, which won an International Automotive Media Award — Silver Medallion for Excellence in 1999.

For more information on our Bookstore follow this link.

So, grab a cup of your beverage and peruse Cruise-IN.com to Celebrate Indiana Car Culture.

I hope you enjoy our new offerings and learn something new about our automotive heritage.

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