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As many of you know, we’ve been quite busy developing items at Cruise-IN.com. As always, these are unique items only available at our shop. Let’s see what’s in the galleries.

We created the next three items to share some of the experiences of auto travel in the early part of the 20th century.

Hoosier Tour Tales of a Pathfinder Motor Manners
Hoosier Tour
A 1913 Indiana to
Pacific Journey
Tales of a
Motor Manners

Hoosier Tour examines how the 1913 Indiana Automobile Manufacturers’ Association Indiana-Pacific Tour helped generate interest for building roads, like the proposed Ocean-to-Ocean Rock Highway later to be known as the Lincoln Highway. At that time, the IAMA Tour was one of the largest continental tours attempted in the United States.

The Hoosier tourists embarked on a month-long trek from Indianapolis to Los Angeles to promote the Good Roads Movement as well as show that these Indiana-made cars had the stamina to make the trip. They traveled on some decent roads, some completed the night before they arrived, and some that presented some perilous twists.

Hoosier Tour chronicles this trip and provides a glimpse into the hardships and accomplishments they encountered along the way.

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Our republished version of the 1921 Tales of a Pathfinder is a beautifully bound chronicle of a true pioneer of early automotive history. Westgard recounts his many adventures in his role as trailblazer for the Good Roads Movement.

In the early part of the 20th century, U.S. highways and byways were in deplorable shape. Rains drenched the dirt roads and often left a gumbo-like substance making travel by cart or car nearly impossible.

For progress to continue, particularly within the automotive industry, we needed better roads. Plus, the Good Roads Movement needed trailblazers to lead the way. Westgard was one of these people.

By the time Tales of a Pathfinder was first published, Westgard had traveled thousands of miles to charter the way west for the automobile to follow. He had endured life-threatening blizzards, scarcity of gasoline stations, and blinding dust storms among other obstacles to his mission.

Tales of a Pathfinder is Westgard’s own story and impressions as he wrote them in 1920.

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Our beautifully bound republished version of Motor Manners provides Emily Post’s advice and rules for highway safety. After all, according to Post, “bad motoring manners can be murder.”

Even years after her death, Emily Post is still known as the resource to consult on etiquette in polite society. Her reputation was cemented in history in 1921 when her Book on Etiquette was first published. From that springboard, she developed a syndicated newspaper on etiquette carried by newspapers throughout the United States.

Eventually the National Highway Users Conference approached her to share her advice about motoring on the highways. The result was the pamphlet entitled Motor Manners published in 1949. Although the underlying purpose was to promote highway safety, perhaps the group thought that the influx of female drivers on the road after World War II would respond better to a list of manners rather than a set of rules from a driver’s manual.

This booklet is the republished version of Post’s original writing. The inside pages consist of her advice to the motorists of the 1950’s.

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