WordPress Web Design for Dummies

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design for Dummies

Author Lisa Sabin-Wilson does a great job of explaining the WordPress Web Design fundamentals.

First she helps you establish your WordPress foundation by guiding you through a look at your requirements. Plus you can easily learn to install WordPress on your Web Server, and to archive content. Next she helps you choose the right tools to support WordPress endeavors like image management tools and graphic design software. A review of color theory, and planning your design strategy is also clearly explained.

Then she walks through working with WordPress Themes for customization of your website. She wraps up by explaining how to use WordPress as a content management system, along with Widgets and Plugins.

Recently, I renovated one of my websites that had some content that was over four years old. You can probably imagine the job of updating a four-year-old website.

I didn’t look forward to learning a new web content management system, but WordPress Web Design for Dummies made the transition nearly effortless. The process of managing posts and pages is fairly intuitive. Adding images is painless. The practice of editing over 200 posts and pages took about half the time I expected.

Sabin-Wilson’s experience and writing produce an excellent WordPress web design resource. I highly recommend it for someone with any level of web development skills.

WordPress Web Design for Dummies made my transition nearly effortless.

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